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An Education In Nursing Helps A Houstonian Become A Business Owner

Gillian Kruse

Freelance Writer

Approximately every 10 seconds, someone in the United States turns 65.  With the baby boomer generation aging and needing more medical care, home health care workers and nurses will be in high demand.  Over the past few years, Houston's aging population has increased by 18 percent due to low costs of living and many multigenerational families relocating.  Houston's growing population has caused many local hospitals to expand their services and build more facilities, increasing the number of open positions in nursing and other health care-related fields.

Marsene Boldt, a Houston nurse and businesswoman, understands the coming needs and helps families through her home care nursing staff company.  She discusses her education and how it helped her to become a business owner in the in-demand field of nursing.

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